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Wi-Fi Planning


Byre Cameras

Rural Residential and Business Broadband


CloudNet has been developing its wireless infrastructure to bring broadband services to individuals, communities and businesses in poorly serviced rural areas.  The standard service we deliver ranges from 10Mbps upwards and is intended to meet if not better the Scottish Government requirements to provide superfast broadband by 2021.

CloudNet have a standard broadband package however depending on your needs we can adapt the package accordingly and offer a further range of services including:

  • Static IP address

  • Security

  • Unlimited data usage

  • Customer support agreements

  • Private Circuit

  • Data security


Once installation is complete we will carry out service speeds and demonstrate how it works to the customer.

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Marine Solutions

Onboard Wifi and Portside Wifi.

We currently run internet services to Orkney Ferries, the local inter island shipping company.  This services provides internet connection for the ships crew and passengers whilst travelling between the North Isles in Orkney.

Our technology can deliver high speed, low latency networks, where traditional technologies, VSAT,  are costly, have high latency and a low bandwidth service.

We are proud to offer long range connectivity to marine vessels where most systems cannot and we are the only providers in Scotland to use this technology. 

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TV White Space (TVWS)


CloudNet Is the first TVWS company in the UK to provide a new class of wireless networking systems offering network operators longer range and broader coverage unattainable with current Wi-Fi, cellular and microwave systems.  We are the only approved installers in Scotland.

CloudNet uses state of the art technology designed from the ground-up to meet the challenging requirements of enterprise and industry of deploying, managing and securing critical infrastructures in marine, rural, suburban and urban geographies.

CloudNet is an ideal backhaul and middle-reach solution for extending IoTs, M2M, security and Land Mobile Radio base-station sites into challenging terrain. With a range extension factor of 4-6 times that of microwave-based technologies, our solution provides the ability to reach near and beyond line-of-sight locations at minimum expense. CloudNet TVWS system can provide a robust connectivity solution supporting building automation, security, healthcare and integrated public safety systems, cellular extension services and emergency communications.

Establishing in-structure wireless connectivity is costly and problematic using Wi-Fi and cellular solutions. 

CloudNet’s solution has the spectrum advantage which allows us to extend and implement robust shipboard and marine systems networks where it is impractical, dangerous or simply difficult to reach with traditional wireless systems.

Industry Firsts:

CloudNet introduces a number of White Space technological innovations that enhance operation, security and system reliability: 

Full operation in all permissible VHF and UHF channel ranges

Full legal power output

Dual independent channel support for increased system reliability and network resiliency.

Multiple channel bonding to increase link speed and reliability.

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Live Streaming

CloudNet are able to provide a portable internet connection for one off live events .  We can work with your sound and camera team or provide our own in order to create a seamless video which can be delivered via YouTube, Livestream or your own website. 

One we have carried out recently was the Jutland Ceremonial Event, this took place at the Kitcheners Memorial in Birsay and was streamed live in the Birsay Community Hall for those who were not able to attend the Memorial.

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CloudNet are qualified fibre design and installers.

IT requirements can vary dramatically and some businesses may think fibre is costly solution over copper however when you see the advantages definitely out weigh the cost.

What is blown fibre?

Blown fibre optic is a cabling solution using glass fibre optic cables, blown through a ducting pipe through to the end point

One Fibre optic strand can carry 10 gigabytes of data every second or over 3000 telephone conversations.


Bandwith - Can be significantly increased, whilst copper wire infrastructure is limited as it was designed for transmitting voice communications only.   As technocolgy has advanced more companies are using/considering Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) comms and fibre is invaluable for this.  


Speed – downloading and uploading data is hugely quick in comparison to copper.

Distance – fibre was designed for long distance networks, carrying data for kilometres at a time, unlike copper in which the signal degrades after 1km.

Security – In this day and age cyber security has increased tenfold and having a fibre network is seen as a cost effective way of increasing your internet security.  Copper can be intercepted by connecting taps to a line whilst this is extremely difficult to do on fibre.


Reliability – copper can be affected by so many areas such as water, fire, temperature, radio signal and is prone to degrading relatively quickly, whilst fibre is independent and can only be affected by being dug up.   Fibre is more resilient to pressure – it can withstand up to 200 pounds of pressure whilst copper can only withstand up to 25 pounds of pressure before damage is caused.


Cable capacity - The speed of internet transmitted via copper is directly correlated with the weight of the cable used. Fibre on the other hand is not connected to its size therefore it is far easier to install and does not take up as much space.


Cost – Even though fibre is more expensive than copper to install over a period of time fibre is far more cost effective as it is more durable, far cheaper to maintain and requires less hardware.  This makes copper more costly in the long run over the years.

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Responder Services

We offer responder services to businesses that require maintenanace work or fault call outs on communication masts and wireless equipment.  CloudNet are certified in climbing and working at height and have carried out all areas of work around this.

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Wi-Fi Planning

Wi-Fi planning is about looking at a property and having the means to providing full coverage for the location, whereby you can get 100% wireless coverage. It is common that most folk, will place a wireless access point in one location and most often where the broadband enters the property.

With our service, we can take the property plan, and carry out a survey based on what you have existing, produce heatmaps of the signal strength and highlight the predicted coverage.  We then are able to look at the results and advise as to what your requirements would be for full coverage.We can do this floor by floor and build up a picture of what you have as opposed to what is needed for full wifi coverage.

Often hotels, bed and breakfasts provide the essential Wi-Fi but need a little help in designing solutions to frovide the range and coverage of properties to keep everyone within range.  We can offer a number of different solutions to meet your needs, ranging from a managed solution to providing just the equipment needed for the job in hand.

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